calm and stop aggressive dog

How to Calm and Stop Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is one of the major problems that a dog owner experiences. But once you already understood what causes dog aggression, you will eventually overcome this problem on your dog. Dog aggression normally extends from the dominance and frustration of a dog, wherein the frustration of the dog comes from its lack of exercise and the dominance stems from the lack of calm and assertive leadership.

Understanding Dog Aggression

Yes, almost all dog breeds may show aggression at some point. But the question is, what exactly is dog aggression? Well, you will understand dog aggression when you notice that your dog exhibits certain behaviors such as food or fear, frustration, territoriality, and other particular reasons.

Aggression is a highly undesirable problem and the greatest causes of it may start in the puppy stage especially if the puppy lacks socialization. Lack of dog socialization actually leads the dog to be fearful of the people, things, or being aggressive for other dogs that they see around them.

how to calm an aggressive dog or puppySteps on How to Stop and Calm Dog Aggression

If a puppy is fearful, it will run back to its mother or owner for protection. On the contrary, if it is already a dog, the tendency is for it to take the best attack for defense in an aggressive way. But do not worry. With dog aggression as a problem, you have many ways to do to handle it. You just have to be patient about retraining your dog.


  • Ensure that your dog cannot escape its fence. For aggressive dogs, it is important to have secured fencing so that your dog will have no access to people passing by. Check the fence regularly to ensure that your dog cannot escape from it.
  • Keep your dog on a strong leash. On your walks, keep the leash of your dog strong so that you can easily control him. You can also consider a training harness to control your dog well.
  • Use a muzzle. A muzzle can be an addition to your leash and training harness. Your dog can wear a muzzle when in public or when you have visitors at home. Find a basket-designed muzzle so that they can still drink and pant. With this, you can still feed your dog.


  • Understand the purpose of desensitization. Desensitization aims to expose your dog to his fears but not in an intense way. This helps you ensure that he will not be too anxious. As he is being exposed to his fears, you should reward him for being calm when triggered and from time to time, you can bring the trigger closer.
  • Teach your dog the “Come Away” Command. The “Come Away” command will teach your dog to leave a situation and come to you. You can use this to distract your dog when he is perceiving a threat like a stranger dog.
  • Expose your dog to a trigger in a controlled and safe way. Make sure that you have the control of your pet when you do this and bring the trigger to him.
  • Use the “Come Away” to get the attention of your dog. When the dog noticed the trigger, call him using the “come away”.
  • Keep every session short and end it on a positive note. You can expose your dog within 10-15 minutes to the trigger and end it positively.

Generally, understanding dog aggression and dealing with other behavioral issues are the easiest ways on how to stop dog (or puppy) aggression and socialize him. When you have the knowledge on the things you should do, it will be a lot easier for you to deal with the aggression of your dog and tame him effortlessly.