Dog Aggression towards Other Dogs

Understanding Dog Aggression towards Other Dogs

Although there are dogs that are friendly towards other dogs, there are also dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs even though they are living in the same household. Nevertheless, it happens quite often among dogs who are not familiar with each other. Well, this may be because of how they were raised or what their owner taught them. On the other hand, there are also breed of dogs that are aggressive in nature.

When does aggressive puppy biting start?

It typically starts when the dog reaches puberty stage, which is between 6-9 months old. On the other hand, dogs usually become socially mature by the age of 18-36 months. There is also a need for you to know that it often happens between dogs of the same gender.

So, what are the symptoms that dog on dog aggression is happening in home? The most common symptoms are the dog growling, biting and snapping towards another dog. They may also lick their lips, tuck their tail under or crouch. Now, if in case the two dogs are living in the same house, they both may block each other’s path or stare and bark at each other.

What are the reasons behind dog aggression towards other dogs?

Well, a dog may be aggressive towards other dogs for different reasons. First, it may be because he is afraid that the new dog would have all the attention of the owner. It might also be because they think that the dog has trespassed their territory and as we all know, there are indeed dogs who are very territorial. There are also dogs who want to take over or want to be more superior to other dogs.

On the other hand, there may also be times when a dog can become aggressive when they are protective of their owner like for example, when there are other dogs who are about to harm their owner. Also, when they are overly excited, they can also show it through being somewhat aggressive.

It may also be because they had a traumatic experience with other dogs before. So, it is very important for you to know the reason behind your dog being aggressive towards other dogs in order for you to know the best way to address it and to help your dog get rid of that bad habit of his.

How to prevent aggressive puppy or dog aggression?

As a dog owner, there are different things that you can do in order to prevent aggressive puppy biting. For example, if you have seen your dog getting stressed out, you need to step in to prevent the situation from getting worse. You also need to stay calm at all times for when you become stressed out or nervous, then the tendency is that your dog would feel it too.

Also, if you think that your dog is the aggressive type, then it would be best for you to prevent taking your dog to places where there are likely to have other dogs or in case you have seen other dogs beside the street as you take him to a walk, better just move along. After all, there are dogs who feels trapped whenever he is surrounded by people and other dogs. As a result, they act aggressively.

To prevent dog on dog aggression, we can also train our dogs on how to behave properly with other dogs. While training him, it would also be great for you to give him words of praise or better, some treats for a job well done. It is not suggested for you to punish your dog just because he has been aggressive for that can even make him more aggressive.